EMDR Intensive Therapy Retreat

Light shining through clouds with hills in the background. Picture from Pixaby.

Soft hearts, I love helping people get ready for a beautiful time just for them and their inner child. I love surprising people with the fact that I do large chunks of trauma recovery therapy all at once and all online! They’re surprised that we can do all this in a way where they feel connection with me and themselves all online.

They may have been in talk therapy for years only to feel like something is still stuck. People are sometimes surprised that we can move things from feeling stuck in the limbic system to being unstuck in the neocortex and back and forth in order for it to get reprocessed.

I think the magic behind eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), and especially EMDR Intensive Therapy Retreat with me is really getting people ready beforehand. In order for it to feel like a retreat I remind people to get rest, stay hydrated and to complete a workbook I tailor to them concerning the issues they identify. For example, if someone wants to work on a resentment, trauma, anxiety, or stuck grief I focus their workbook on assessing their beliefs in the world, how it was growing up, what they’ve been through, and what they can do before, during and after our time together to decompress, chill and feel okay enough in their own skin.

Then, as we prepare for reprocessing I teach them a few imagery strategies and some breath work tips. I support them to notice when they zone out or dissociate. We take breaks in reprocessing to stretch, go to the bathroom and meditate. It’s really funny we call it “intensive” because it’s really just a chunk of sessions dedicated to a person’s dreams and hopes where they get to focus on taking care of themself and their inner child. It’s a place where I get to learn that patients feel their views and lives feel changed for the better.

When people tell me they feel unstuck about an issue I’m really grateful I get to do this work. One day I hope to get a retreat spot and do this in person. For now, you can go here to get started with virtual time just for you, especially in the form of an EMDR Intensive Therapy Retreat.

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