Dr. Joharchi

What People Say About Dr. J

“Whether you are a parent looking for support for your teen or an adult exploring anything from sexuality to trauma, Dr. J is  without a doubt the psychologist you would want to consider. She is more than knowledgeable in her field; she is thoughtful, compassionate, and truly cares about the wellbeing of her clients. Dr. J. remains open to the ever-changing needs of the people who trust her with their care. I would refer anyone in California to her and often wish that she is licensed in more places!” – Director of PlayfulLeigh Psyched, Maryland & Florida, Dr. Dowtin

“Dr. Joharchi is such a compassionate professional! She operates from such a loving and understanding point of view. She makes anyone feel comfortable enough to be their genuine self when they are with her. I would recommend without hesitation for anyone to receive therapy services from Dr. Joharchi!” -Owner of The Green Garden, Dr. Chona Green

“I highly recommend Dr. Joharchi. She is extremely warm, kind, and compassionate. Dr. Joharchi is skillful in attuning with your suffering in an authentic and nonjudgmental manner. Her level of commitment to growth and healing for her clients is hard to find.” -Owner of Ray Psychology, Dr. Margaret Aghaeepour, Psy.D., MA.;

As an Iranian American and White, cisgender woman who is hearing and has able bodied privilege, I work daily to build safety around my layers of privilege in and out of the therapeutic dynamic, often by acknowledging my privileges so I don’t burden people with having to address things I think the psychologist should be bringing up. I am honored to hear people’s stories and build the rapport needed to repair attachment wounds and heal from traumatic experiences.

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