Dr. J with interviewers & Breaking the Couch Podcast

I’ve had the opportunity to walk through my public speaking nervousness and talk about some things very close to my heart. You’ll see videos below where I’m interviewed by friends and colleagues or go behind the therapy scene on our Podcast, Breaking The Couch.

You’ll see us talking about how to talk with your family about sexual orientation, mental health awareness with LGBTQ+ children, and how to get your EMDR therapy on track.

There’s a lot to say, but we try to give you a summary of how you can be gentle and show up for your LGBTQ child in ways people may not have done in your family growing up. We try to recommend ways you can show up for yourself with kindness throughout the process too. That goes both for the parenting AND EMDR videos below, because when EMDR didn’t go great the first time it likely wasn’t you. We discuss how getting resourced or grounded is crucial to helping your therapy along.

There’s so much more available on our trauma recovery podcast, but for now here are a few videos where we discuss the ins and outs of LGBTQ affirming therapy and ways to make stuck spots feel unstuck through using EMDR in a really thoughtful way.

If you’d like to have me on your podcast or interview me just connect with me below. I’d love to talk about healing more and more with you today!

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