4-Part Series on Tips for OCD: Part 4

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, This tip is pretty simple, but it has been the most helpful suggestion for people I know. Learning as much as you can is helpful for OCD. It allows the noting thing we talked about in the beginning of this series to be that much easier. Learning more about OCD takesContinue reading “4-Part Series on Tips for OCD: Part 4”

4-Part Series on Tips for OCD: Part 3

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, In our first part of the series on tips for folx with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) we talked about noting the obsession and using our parasympathetic nervous system to the fullest. We have this built in coping or survival strategy in our breathing and meditation that helps our parasympathetic nervous systemContinue reading “4-Part Series on Tips for OCD: Part 3”

4-Part Series on Tips for OCD: Part 1

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, What is OCD? In decolonializing care with the folx I serve and debunking a narrow-minded, Eurocentric field of psychology I’ve come to find trauma and grief show up in a number of different ways, including through obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). OCD is neurological and sometimes genetically linked. Sometimes it serves asContinue reading “4-Part Series on Tips for OCD: Part 1”

How to Attune to the Body When Triggered

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, What do you do when your reaction feels huge in comparison to what just happened? It is totally understandable if your reaction to seeing, hearing, remembering, or smelling something feels like it doesn’t fit the situation. So many practices in psychology tell folks to think rationally, logically and actually invalidate themselves.Continue reading “How to Attune to the Body When Triggered”

Getting Yourself Back

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, I have the pleasure of serving so many wonderful people who have this kindness to them that can sometimes be a “blessing and a curse.” Sometimes folks will come to me because they are traumatized from work as a fellow healer, or because they overextend themselves with codependency or people pleasing,Continue reading “Getting Yourself Back”