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I love posting inner child meditations on InsightTimer. The first FREE meditation is an inclusive inner child meditation. You no longer have to do inner child healing in a way that puts you in a binary gender. This expansive meditation will give you an idea of how we’ll bring gentleness to all parts of you in our therapy together.

The second free meditation was the first of three meditations I provided that included some parts healing and EMDR tools to get you de-stress from work and even having fun. I hope these free meditations will help you along your healing journey.

Another great way to get free stuff is to sign up for my weekly articles. I send them out every Wednesday morning and sometimes through in a bonus article throughout the month. These free articles are a way for us to connect about all things therapy and healing. Sometimes they’re about my own healing, stuff that can be helpful for you like how to locate relatively affordable therapy, ways to cope, or how to get your hands on EMDR adjunct therapy. You can sign up for weekly blog articles with therapy info below:

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Here’s a free booklist. While the books themselves aren’t free the booklist is free and it was curated just for you based on recommendations from sessions, blogs, podcast episodes and more here.

Finally, you can get free trauma recovery tips and information from our podcast, Breaking The Couch. We named it Breaking The Couch when we decided we wanted to demystify what happens in therapy and we thought of that little therapy couch people think of when they imagine therapy with some Freudian looking guy. We had more than 40 episodes jam packed with trauma recovery.

You can browse through and find something that fits what you need. You can access Breaking The Couch on YouTube, Apple, Spotify or anywhere else you get your Podcasts.

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