Wounds from Various Types of Bullying: Part Five

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, This is our last part of this series. We talked about some of the bullying I experienced personally, racist related bullying, gender related bullying, bullying due to socioeconomic status, and now we’ll wrap up about making amends for the bullying we’ve done. While I mentioned I experienced years of confusing, hurtfulContinue reading “Wounds from Various Types of Bullying: Part Five”

Wounds from Various Types of Bullying: Part Four

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, Did anyone watch the series, Maid, on Netflix? Did you see the part where the mom gets access to a preferred school for her daughter and then her daughter’s educator assumes the daughter wants icecream like all the other children? This assumption led the educator to ask mom for $6 forContinue reading “Wounds from Various Types of Bullying: Part Four”

Wounds from Various Types of Bullying: Part Three

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, This week I’d like us to discuss bullying as it relates to gender related comments. Some people have been called names, ostracized, or isolated because they were perceived as different or not fitting a child’s conceptualization of a binary gender. Some people have been hurt or threatened because of how theyContinue reading “Wounds from Various Types of Bullying: Part Three”

Wounds from Various Types of Bullying: Part Two

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, Thanks for joining us for more on ways bullying occurs, what that means for people, and how we can improve moving forward. Another type of abuse is isolating or aggressing toward someone using racial messages or propaganda to hurt someone. We know that these types of aggressions range from pronouncing someone’sContinue reading “Wounds from Various Types of Bullying: Part Two”

Wounds from Various Types of Bullying: Part One

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, Okay so this blog post could go anywhere this week. The complexities of bullying?! Where do we begin? There’s so much we could discuss concerning bullying. For this I’m talking about the slights that injured you and this could be picking on someone’s shoes, parent, size, etc. For today I’d likeContinue reading “Wounds from Various Types of Bullying: Part One”

Grounding for Dissociation

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, Everyone has some form of dissociation. People may range from zoning out or daydreaming to experiencing dissociative identity disorder. Folks may wonder why they’ve been feeling more absent minded or forgetful and it could be a number of reasons. I love to make sure their physical health is okay and beforeContinue reading “Grounding for Dissociation”

Where Does Forgiveness Start?

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, Sometimes we want to forgive or release someone or something for a wrongdoing or resentment we’re holding.  Perhaps someone hurt you.  Maybe a system or place or thing didn’t give you a chance.  Perhaps intergenerational stuff has been passed down to you and you want to release from this stuff.  MaybeContinue reading “Where Does Forgiveness Start?”

Four Tools for the Feels

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, Some folx ask about how to feel their feelings. I get it. It’s hard to feel feelings. I will say in my experience as a clinical psychologist I know you have everything you need right now to feel your feelings. There actually are no tools one needs, but because we areContinue reading “Four Tools for the Feels”