EMDR Dissociation & Grounding

Soft hearts, you may have read my article on zoning out, how to assess for it and what to do. I frequently send this article to patients getting started with EMDR so they can take the quiz to spot or notice their zone out or dissociation moments and then gain some tools to get theirContinue reading “EMDR Dissociation & Grounding”

EMDR Positive Cognition

Soft hearts, we discussed EMDR negative cognition last week. Now I’d like to talk about the EMDR positive cognition. Basically, we are supporting you to identify what you want to welcome in. If we go back to my eating/body stuff example from last week we might ask the person (me) to identify what they wantContinue reading “EMDR Positive Cognition”

EMDR Negative Cognition

Soft hearts, you’ve heard me mention Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy a lot in these blog articles and on our podcast. Basically, EMDR therapy is a tried and true strategy to help people feel more in command of their lives. EMDR can help you reduce blocks to your success, feel better about yourself, reduceContinue reading “EMDR Negative Cognition”

Closing Out Your Therapy

As we approach the end of the year there are some folks who may be wondering how to close out their therapy sessions because they’re running out of benefits, coverage, or simply coming to a close with their therapy sessions. It can be hard to close therapy out. Goodbye to therapy sessions has been difficultContinue reading “Closing Out Your Therapy”

Handling Stress During the Holidays With Your Family

We have a couple of episodes out on Breaking the Couch to support you through the holidays. If you’re spending time with loved ones, chosen family, or family of origin I want you to know there are totally ways to get support in and between sessions. We discuss ways to handle the holidays with graceContinue reading “Handling Stress During the Holidays With Your Family”

How to Get Therapy for Cheap (Relatively)

Let me just say I truly wish the government would stop allocating taxes for war and start putting all of that money to good use, for your therapy. Yours, mine, everyone’s! Now that I’ve said what I truly believe I can share more about ways one can get access to therapy when they aren’t independentlyContinue reading “How to Get Therapy for Cheap (Relatively)”

Your Inner Child

One part of me is so excited to share more with you about your inner child. Another part of me feels tired from a cold and balancing that with helping someone with their COVID. Both have room in my heart. Your inner child or inner children are components within that have parts of you feelingContinue reading “Your Inner Child”