Premium Packages

EMDR Therapy Premium Packages

EMDR Therapy Premium Packages or EMDR Adjunct Therapy Packages allow you to be authentically you more quickly than the weekly model. Maybe you’ve done a lot of work with your therapist and feel stuck on a particular issue. Maybe you want to show up with less triggers in your relationship. Maybe you want to get started with your family and know you don’t want to bring past wounds into the future generation. Or perhaps you want more energy to do creative things or separate from your exhausting job. You can be your authentic self, but with less of the charge and intensity around triggers and sooner with EMDR in a deep dive, targeted manner.

I collaborate with you and your primary therapist so we can work together to reduce the charge around flashbacks, overwhelming feelings, and limiting beliefs. I’ve seen EMDR work intensively and am committed to helping you more quickly with the flexibility you need for your schedule. Brief, focused EMDR Intensive Therapy can accelerate your treatment and support your ongoing therapy work or target a specific area more quickly than years of talk therapy.

You can do an EMDR Intensive Therapy as a stand alone treatment or as an adjunct to your current therapy and it doesn’t replace your ongoing therapy with you primary therapist. I’ve worked with people who work on healing a trauma for years with another provider and then we do EMDR in a short, targeted period of time only to see their charge reduce incredibly! I’m profoundly a believer in this approach and so excited to share it with you because of how I’ve seen it help folks.

We can schedule an intensive in a condensed, targeted manner. For example a few hours a day for a few days or week with a customized workbook tailored just for you. Join me in finding your safe space and leveling up your therapy progress today!

Level Up Today!

Package: Your customized workbook and intake session plus three 3-hour sessions (total 10 hour package); $300/hour

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