Working Hand in Hand Together

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” -Rumi

You are Welcome Here

Did you work with other therapists who left you feeling like a part of you wasn’t acknowledged? Or did you want to do therapy, but feel like all of you wouldn’t really be understood? Was it hard to say something because they’re the doctor doc?

Yikes, I totally get that! I’ve been there too. Like this therapist may get some of me, but they definitely don’t get how culture and sexuality and who I am and what I do all sort of come together for me. I believe that therapists hold a lot of power that we don’t all check. In order to do good work together I’ll ask you what it means to be Iranian and gay. I’ll ask you what it’s like for you to be Black and a lesbian. Whether we’re using English or American Sign Language (ASL) in our sessions you’ll feel understood.

I won’t burden you if I do miss the mark or you bring up something I don’t quite get, but I also won’t make hurtful assumptions. I know it disrupts the therapeutic process (if not harms a person, again, yikes) and I’ll do my best everyday to check in and hold space for all parts of you and how they beautifully intersect. Even better, I’ll support YOU to hold space for your own parts. Thanks for being so you and I can’t wait to meet you and get started.

I want you to know that my favorite work lately is being your EMDR adjunct therapist. Working with you hand in hand to get to the bottom of something is my absolute favorite thing to do these days. I love getting to see people have fun and feel confident after we focused on something like a pattern of putting others first or an incident like witnessing an assault. I want to support you to feel confident and capable in the world again. I’ve helped folks focus on the loss of a loved one only to say they wanted more EMDR since it worked so well. I too have seen EMDR work wonders on myself! I hear it works great from clients, I see it helped me and I just want you to know this is something you can do too.

I also flavor in parts work or inner child healing because that’s been the most useful in getting to the root of the problem and forgiving oneself, noticing a pattern, and feeling more confident. Let’s work hand in hand together on your goals. We can work together once a week like people usually do or we can do a crash course in getting the authentic you on board through adjunct EMDR. Whether you’re looking for one on one therapy or an adjunct package I hope you’ll reach out today!

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