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You’re Not Alone: Reduce Trauma, Anxiety & Depression With Dr. Joharchi (that’s me!)

Your desire to be loved feels big and you’re not feeling seen. Like so big it feels like it’s too big for your body sometimes! You grew up with few if any healthy relationship models.

As a Queer person who comes from a background where you may not see many LGBTQ people in your communities of origin you don’t have the same community supports as some people. You work so hard in relationships and at work and want something different in your life. Burn out doesn’t begin to explain how $hitty it feels and you’re really looking for help to find a new path.

I LOVE working with people in non-traditional relationships so they can lean into love! I LOVE supporting people in finding their needs in career and at home! When it comes to work-life balance I believe we can have so much more than JUST balance.

Let’s have you leaning into the abundance of love and spaciousness you’ve had in your heart all along. Hey, I know what it feels like to feel confused, grasping and defeated in relationships!

I get what it’s like to finally be in relationships in authentic, kind and connected ways. What a freaking relief! More than a relief, it’s pretty fun and relaxing too.

I partner with people with intersecting identities* to go from ‘why won’t they give me what I need?!’ to ‘I’ve had what I need right here within all along<3.’ I partner with people finding and rocking their true self in all the places.

You and I can work together to have you feeling more relaxed, creative, and kind toward yourself and others and even invite more fun and spaciousness into your life. You and I can have you getting to your dreams and have you showing up for you and little you like never before.

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*Kimberlé Crenshaw first identified the term intersecting identities. Intersecting identities was a genius conception developed by Crenshaw to include people’s various aspects and identities such as their immigrant journey, gender identity, ethnicity and so on as these identities intersect, interact, overlap, and radiate into and through one another. To learn more from the person who created and coined the term and concept you can pre-order Kimberlé Crenshaw‘s book now (or wait like me until we can get it on BookShop in a few weeks).

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