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The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” -Rumi

You want to connect to your friends/partners more deeply. You grew up with limited healthy relationship models and desire Queering relationship guidance. You want to express yourself directly, show up with kindness in relationships, and you want your childhood triggers to show up less charged in your relationships.

At Soft Heart Psychology we integrate healing childhood wounds and trauma recovery to approach adulthood relationships to have you showing up less charged and more and understood. In doing this healing work folx often find more room for relaxation, creativity, kind feelings toward themselves and others and even play and fun. Dr. Joharchi has supported several patients in Queering intentionally in their relationships by traveling back to heal those old wounds and would love to help you with this same work.

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Who do we Serve?

We love working with people recovering from childhood wounds who want to show up differently in their current relationships.

We work with SWANA Queer people, BIPOC LGBTQIA+ individuals and families, and Deaf people.

Appointments are virtual.

Soft Heart Psychology, Corp.

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