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The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” -Rumi

Want to get the love you want and need?

Your desire to be loved feels big. No matter how you try to express yourself you’re still not feeling heard. You’ve seen huge changes with certain areas of your life and don’t know how to translate that to your love relationships. You grew up with few if any healthy relationship models. You want to connect to your loved ones more deeply. You want to be heard and seen in the way you show up for loved ones. You want to be desired and feel your relationships are secure. As a Queer person who comes from a background where you may not see Queer people like you or know many LGBTQ people in your communities of origin you don’t have the same community supports as some people. You desire to be more connected than your relationship models growing up.

We can break that cycle together. As a licensed clinical psychologist and EMDR Trained therapist, I integrate practices to heal childhood wounds so patients can approach adulthood relationships differently. I know what it feels like to feel confused, grasping and defeated in relationships and to finally be in relationships in authentic, kind, and connected ways and I dedicate my work toward supporting you with this too. I love supporting people as they show up less charged in their relationships and feel more understood. In doing this healing work people often find more room for relaxation, creativity, kind feelings toward themselves and others and even fun. I am so passionate about supporting you to be you in relationships and feel happy about who is on the receiving side of that. Schedule a free consultation today to see if we’re a great fit to work together.

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Who do we Serve?

We love working with people recovering from childhood wounds who want to show up differently in their current relationships. We currently have EMDR therapy slots available for your trauma recovery!

We work with SWANA Queer people, BIPOC LGBTQIA+ individuals and families, and Deaf people.

Offering virtual appointments in English and American Sign Language (ASL).

Soft Heart Psychology, Corp.

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