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Deeper Healing with Millennials Redefining Life

You’re an over achiever and on the outside it looks like you’re cool, but you feel like a mess on the inside. You keep saying yes and yes AND yes when people ask for things or you over schedule yourself. The people pleasing that once had you surviving now feels exhausting and you want to redefine your own life now. You didn’t grow up with many healthy relationship models. You don’t have to be the one to hold it all together anymore.

I get what it’s like to finally realize the people pleasing that once worked has just run you into a hole of exhaustion and isn’t really as helpful as it once seemed. Some of this stuff goes back to childhood and I’m really sorry you didn’t get what you always needed and were SO WORTHY of getting. It feels so good to go to a therapist where you feel like you can finally rock your intersecting identities.* There’s nothing like going from alone to sustainably being able to see what’s up inside and tend to those needs and I believe in that for you too.

I love partnering with you to go from ‘why don’t they get it, am I alone in this?’ to ‘I’m trying my best and I’ve got what I need right here in my heart <3.’ Even better, I love partnering with you to give that love to little you. I’m compassionate and gentle with people who REALLY need to be heard on the inside because you’re so worthy of being seen.

You and I can work together to get you feeling more understood, recovering from family stuff, wounds from ways people handled your executive functioning differences, improving performance anxiety, flight fears, medical trauma, or a break up. I want to work with you to get you feeling like my other clients who tell me sessions or premium offerings are changing their lives. Let’s have you leaning into the abundance of love and spaciousness you’ve had in your heart all along. Let’s get you feeling better.

More About Faster Results with my Premium Offering

Before the EMDR intensive Premium Package, you feel knocked the f*$k out when you’re triggered. 

After the Premium Package, you know what to do when you feel angry or frozen. You have a new approach to connecting within and with others. Your ups and downs no longer cause you to feel emotionally hungover the next day.

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*Kimberlé Crenshaw first identified the term intersecting identities. Intersecting identities was a conception developed by Crenshaw to include people’s various aspects and identities such as their immigrant journey, gender identity, ethnicity and so on as these identities intersect, interact, overlap, and radiate into and through one another. To learn more from the person who created and coined the term and concept you can order Kimberlé Crenshaw‘s book.

Soft Heart Psychology

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