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You’re Not Alone

Your desire to be loved feels big and you’re not feeling seen. No matter how you try to express yourself you’re still not feeling heard. You grew up with few if any healthy relationship models. You have those old childhood feelings of feeling helpless and alone in your love relationships today. As a Queer person who comes from a background where you may not see many LGBTQ people in your communities of origin you don’t have the same community supports as some people.

I LOVE working with people in non-traditional relationships so they can lean into love! Let’s have you leaning into the abundance of love and spaciousness you’ve had in your heart all along. Hey, I know what it feels like to feel confused, grasping and defeated in relationships! I also get what it’s like to finally be in relationships in authentic, kind and connected ways. We’ll work together to have you feeling more relaxed, creative, and kind toward yourself and others and even invite more fun and spaciousness into your life.

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