Healing Sex: 1-Professionals

Photo by Laura Tancredi on Pexels.com

I’ve been invited to talk with people about talking about sex in therapy and greatly enjoy sharing with folks about their needs and how to connect, safely. People may come in with pelvic pain and traumas around sex or may have experienced years of a controlling caregiver or relational trauma and wonder how or why they’re telling me, their psychologist. They aren’t alone! I let them know I talk about pain, sex, healing, and these topics pretty much every single working day as a therapist.

I’ve recently been referring my patients to my favorite Pelvic Floor physical therapy specialists because pelvic floor folks and psychologists can link to provide a deeper layer of trauma healing. Literally! We can literally integrate physical therapy strategies and what we know about helping people feel comfortable to talk about sex and sexual needs in therapy sessions to help folks level up their treatment. I want them to know they’re okay to say this stuff.

This secret stuff we weren’t really allowed to discuss growing up or this stuff that is looked at through unhelpful lenses can now be unpacked through helpful leaders in the field like Dr. Margaret Li in our podcast below. Don’t shy away from the silly caution on the video below. It just says the video may not be appropriate for younger people, which is true. If you’re an adult and especially if your AFAB, the video below may be helpful in learning from the experts around sex therapy.

Pelvic floor PTs and sex therapists are just a couple of the professionals who can help you along your sex and trauma healing journey. If you don’t feel you can talk about sex with your therapist I recommend starting the conversation there. Saying something like “I know you said I can say anything, but I feel nervous to talk with you about this because — and I hope I can work through some of this in therapy” or a simple “I want to talk about this stuff, and I’m scared” will do. You are enough and worthy and can so talk about the stuff you wonder about or the things you worry about. You can work through your traumas and get the love and sex and closeness you desire.

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