Healing Sex Series: Session 4-Explore Messages

In this final session I’d like us to gently explore messages we’ve learned from around sex, sexuality, and desire. Take a moment to get comfy where you are. Feel yourself so supported in your space. Feel yourself even 10% more comfortable, 10% more supported. Take a few breaths from the bottom of your belly, holdContinue reading “Healing Sex Series: Session 4-Explore Messages”

Healing Sex Series: Session 3-Tune In

I’m not the first to talk about chilling out before and during sex. I’m not talking about numbing or dissociating. I’m talking about tuning in to the moment and attuning to your partner(s). Being mindful in a compassionate, gentle manner can open a channel that feels comfortable and safer for folks. Gently seeing what’s thereContinue reading “Healing Sex Series: Session 3-Tune In”

Healing Sex Series: Session 2-Identifying What You Want

Years ago a friend sent me this amazing and inclusive list that folks can go through with partners to spot what they want and what their partner wants and needs. It’s an ongoing conversation (meaning what they want today may not be what they desire next month). It includes a sex positive approach for allContinue reading “Healing Sex Series: Session 2-Identifying What You Want”

Healing Sex Series: Session 1-Professional Supports

I’ve been invited to talk with people about talking about sex in therapy and greatly enjoy sharing with folks about their needs and how to connect, safely. People may come in with pelvic pain and traumas around sex or may have experienced years of a controlling caregiver or relational trauma and wonder how or whyContinue reading “Healing Sex Series: Session 1-Professional Supports”

How to be More Comfortable With Pleasure for Yourself

Dear soft hearted loved ones, I talk with so many people recovering from repressed and oppressed sexuality, especially regarding their own pleasure. Several people have been shamed not to touch themselves. Other groups of people have made children feel dirty or ashamed for safe and healthy masturbation. It is also perfectly okay for people notContinue reading “How to be More Comfortable With Pleasure for Yourself”