Hiring Healers

Soft Heart Psychology is now hiring!

Soft Heart Psychology 

Soft Heart Psychology (SHP) serves marginalized populations with equity, sex positivity, and health at every size lenses.  SHP supports people with their healing process.  We often support people to connect with their emotions, where and how this shows up in the body, and use ways we know to be helpful to heal such as through meditation, imagery, breathing, and trauma recovery therapies such as EMDR.

The Fit

If you foster an inclusive, nonjudgmental, and collaborative practice rooted in being culturally humble then you would be a fit for SHP. Right now Dr. Joharchi mostly works with teens and adults and we’d love to have clinicians join SHP who are able to see parents of teens and couples.

Resources we Provide

We pay for a directory for you to utilize in support of you building a caseload. We pay for one directory up to $30/month.  You would also be included on our website to share with people about how you provide a healing space and who you dream of serving.

SHP also pays for an Electronic Medical Record program to make your paperwork and billing workflow manageable. You do notes the way you like since you are a contractor.  We also provide a HIPAA compliant email address with SHP.

SHP also has a weekly meeting for healing providers where we can discuss cases and provide clinical support as well as support your professional development.


SHP needs folx to be independently licensed in the state of California (licensed in your profession).  SHP needs your NPI, copy of license in your field, and address in order to know we can process payroll.

We also need people to provide services within the ethical and legal guidelines of your field.  We also ask you to complete their documentation in a timely manner. 

Lastly, we need folks to feel comfortable providing virtual services as they will solely be providing virtual services.  We also need them to test their internet and have excellent internet connection with sufficient privacy (such as a noise machine and private space to practice ethically).

For more info about SHP check out our website. We are so excited to build the team and serve our communities in kind, equitable ways!

Please send a tailored cover letter to Dr. Joharchi for consideration for an interview.

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