A note from the founder of Soft Heart Psychology, Dr. Joharchi: I am someone who really attempts to build safety around layers of privilege, often by acknowledging my own privilege so I don’t burden people with having to address the elephant in the room (such as my Whiteness). I serve Queer people from all backgrounds and I’m Iranian American and White and cisgender. I am nothing short of honored by the opportunity to hear people’s stories and build the rapport needed to repair attachment wounds and heal from traumatic experiences. I work from this lens especially to address anxiety, depression, trauma and oppression around sexuality, gender, ethnicity, and bodies.

Thank you for continuing your healing transformation with Soft Heart Psychology. We attempt to connect people with their authentic, inner wisdom. Authenticity or inner wisdom is that gut feeling that’s been there all along. We support people in separating from things that take us away from this guidance. Sometimes things separating people from inner guidance can be fear, stress, people pleasing, codependency, or other chemicals.

Practical ways of accessing authenticity can be done through mindfulness, support in using assertive communication, and further exploring and identifying wounds or triggers.

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