How to Soothe Loved Ones Concerning Violence

I’m sorry to say I was invited to support a town hall recently that was dealing with scared adolescents and families concerning a recent planned shooting and bombing. It was sad and scary, and I said that. I couldn’t help but be transparent about the grim nature of it all. I also wanted to shareContinue reading “How to Soothe Loved Ones Concerning Violence”

Queer Relationship-ing

This week I want to share a tip that may be helpful if you don’t have many folks to go to in your community about your relationships. This approach may be helpful whether you’d like to show up differently with friends, partners, or family. I was posting about this suggestion as I find it toContinue reading “Queer Relationship-ing”

Dating Exploration: Being More Present

Dear Soft Hearts, Welcome back for more on love and relating. I love this topic! I hope you’ve gotten something helpful from this series so far and if not keep reading because we have a couple more weeks of fun with dating and love. One of my all time favorite routes of exploring and supportingContinue reading “Dating Exploration: Being More Present”

Where Does Forgiveness Start?

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, Sometimes we want to forgive or release someone or something for a wrongdoing or resentment we’re holding.  Perhaps someone hurt you.  Maybe a system or place or thing didn’t give you a chance.  Perhaps intergenerational stuff has been passed down to you and you want to release from this stuff.  MaybeContinue reading “Where Does Forgiveness Start?”