Window of Tolerance

Your Window of Tolerance is basically when you’re not too overwhelmed to deal with the intense stuff coming your way.  You can see why we really want to understand and maybe even expand your window of tolerance if we’re doing EMDR therapy together.   Dr. Dan Siegel first explained that the Window of Tolerance isContinue reading “Window of Tolerance”

Your Workbook

Some folks are understandably curious about what comes in their customized workbook when they sign up for an EMDR Premium Package to have adjunct EMDR therapy or to take a deep dive into a specific issue.  If you decide to sign up for one of these package options not only do you get a bunchContinue reading “Your Workbook”

Your Nervous System Routine: Polyvagal Theory

If you grew up in a high strung environment, around chaos or didn’t get much attention you probably need to give your nervous system some tenderness. I really recommend folks get a nervous system routine. Daily check ins with one’s inner child and daily nervous system routines can help people in between sessions and canContinue reading “Your Nervous System Routine: Polyvagal Theory”

Letting go?

I’m reflecting on times when I let go and it’s honestly hard to decipher between gripping tightly and a part of me saying “eff it” or “I give up, sure I’ll try it” from “I’m genuinely letting go.”  I guess when I’ve let go there’s often other parts of me not on board with theContinue reading “Letting go?”

How Long Does it Take for EMDR to Work?

Soft Hearts, eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is totally supposed to be a faster model than the old school talk therapy. No longer do we have to be old White dudes chatting about your mother. With that being said, EMDR can still take years for some people. I’ve seen some folks move their traumaContinue reading “How Long Does it Take for EMDR to Work?”

How to Start Your Healing Practice

Whether you’re thinking of coaching, psychological services like therapy, or some other type of healing business I have a great suggestion for you. I’ve been building my practice since before we knew of COVID-19 and now I’ve revamped my business a few times. I’ve had healer friends ask what tips I have in starting aContinue reading “How to Start Your Healing Practice”

Is EMDR Therapy Covered by Insurance?

My dear Soft Hearts, eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is sometimes covered by insurance. It really depends. If you have an insurance provider you can contact them and ask for providers who address trauma or ask what, if anything, they’ll reimburse for therapy that is outside of their network. It’s scary and hard. PeopleContinue reading “Is EMDR Therapy Covered by Insurance?”

EMDR Intensive Therapy Retreat

Soft hearts, I love helping people get ready for a beautiful time just for them and their inner child. I love surprising people with the fact that I do large chunks of trauma recovery therapy all at once and all online! They’re surprised that we can do all this in a way where they feelContinue reading “EMDR Intensive Therapy Retreat”

Last Chance Sale!

Dear soft hearts, this will be a quick post from me this week. This is your last chance and we have one more slot for you to get adjunct EMDR therapy through our EMDR Retreat Sale. If you’ve been working with your therapist and still don’t feel better about something or you just can’t walkContinue reading “Last Chance Sale!”

EMDR Dissociation & Grounding

Soft hearts, you may have read my article on zoning out, how to assess for it and what to do. I frequently send this article to patients getting started with EMDR so they can take the quiz to spot or notice their zone out or dissociation moments and then gain some tools to get theirContinue reading “EMDR Dissociation & Grounding”