Virus Boundaries with Friends

Dear Soft Hearts, This pandemic has killed some of our family members, taken our money, and made friends very ill. Wherever you stand with things, it probably has impacted you in some way. And if you’re like me you’ve had to have some awkward conversations over the past couple of years. Things that we onceContinue reading “Virus Boundaries with Friends”

Are you Where you Wanted to be?

Dear Soft Hearts, Several people talk with me about not being where they wanted to be yet. I don’t want to invalidate that loss. Perhaps you wanted to parent a child by now. Perhaps you didn’t imagine the world’s climate as it is. Or maybe you figured you’d feel less weighed by trauma triggers afterContinue reading “Are you Where you Wanted to be?”

How to Talk About Racism with White People

Dear Soft Hearts, So just a reminder I’m Iranian American and White. I grew up in a very White neighborhood and skin heads, police, neighbors, etc. were damaging to my Iranian father. I had a different experience than my father and Brown and Black people I know, because I walked around in this world withContinue reading “How to Talk About Racism with White People”

What Kind of Love do you Love?

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, I’d like us to explore what kind of love you deeply desire from your inner wisdom or inner loving parent. I’d like you take a moment to close your eyes and envision how the parent within can show up for you. I’d like you to have this expansiveness in your body.Continue reading “What Kind of Love do you Love?”

Why Should I Pay for Therapy?

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, People often tell people they should go to therapy so that they can just talk with someone. They often argue that going to therapy is the same price as that massage or retail therapy they might pay for otherwise. Therapy is not a massage. Massage is healing too, but therapy isContinue reading “Why Should I Pay for Therapy?”

4-Part Series on Tips for OCD: Part 4

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, This tip is pretty simple, but it has been the most helpful suggestion for people I know. Learning as much as you can is helpful for OCD. It allows the noting thing we talked about in the beginning of this series to be that much easier. Learning more about OCD takesContinue reading “4-Part Series on Tips for OCD: Part 4”

Getting Yourself Back

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, I have the pleasure of serving so many wonderful people who have this kindness to them that can sometimes be a “blessing and a curse.” Sometimes folks will come to me because they are traumatized from work as a fellow healer, or because they overextend themselves with codependency or people pleasing,Continue reading “Getting Yourself Back”