Healing From Perfectionism

Dear soft hearted loves, Does perfectionism continue to block you from being you? Does perfectionism exhaust you? Or perhaps you feel you are so far from perfect that perfectionism can’t be an issue for you. The inner critic who lives in perfectionism may attack your performance, work, eating, or other things you do or servicesContinue reading “Healing From Perfectionism”

How to Navigate Inner Parts and Gender

Dear soft hearted loves, Do you remember when we learned about the seven different types of inner critics from expert, Maryam Fallahi? You can review the different types in Maryam Fallahi’s article seen here if you’d like: https://softheartpsychology.com/?p=161 I want to share about the phenomenon of the inner critics attacking our identities, specifically gender identity.Continue reading “How to Navigate Inner Parts and Gender”

How to Love on Your Inner Defender

Dear Soft Hearted People, Maryam Fallahi is our international expert and life coach working on things such as  life planning, behavior change, habit formation, self sabotaging behavior, etc. She’s back as a guest blogger with a very skillful article on our inner defender. She utilizes a lot of this Internal Family Systems (IFS) stuff youContinue reading “How to Love on Your Inner Defender”

Noting the Inner Critic

Dear soft hearted people, I find myself sharing about the types of inner critics (often using the book Freedom From Your Inner Critic*) to share with patients about their inner loving parents and inner critics.  I sought Maryam Fallahi‚Äôs expertise and knowledge to explain more for us in this post.  Maryam Fallahi is an amazingContinue reading “Noting the Inner Critic”