When Did You Start Expressing Your Boundaries?

What are Boundaries Anyway? The best understanding of boundaries that I’ve seen was explained by Prentis Hemphill who explained that they believe “Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.” A great explanation of boundaries about their famous and comprehensive explanation of boundaries from a place of love can beContinue reading “When Did You Start Expressing Your Boundaries?”

More About Supporting Your LGBTQ Teen

I’m grateful some of this was helpful. I wanted to talk a little more about how we can support young people. Mainly this week’s discussion will be about further introspection and things we can avoid in order to support LGBTQ adolescents. I get to work with a number of care givers doing a great jobContinue reading “More About Supporting Your LGBTQ Teen”

Gender Affirming Care

I’m really grateful to be a gender affirming therapist. I think of loved ones who are gender expansive and am grateful they too have had therapists who saw them, even if they were cisgender (like myself) and may not have felt what it was like to be them. Without this lived experience, and sometimes maybeContinue reading “Gender Affirming Care”

Connection: Free Support Group

What do you feel when you’re connected? We know connection can be an antidote to several difficulties and suffering in society. We are hosting a support group for people throughout the US to join and can provide accommodations. We just wanted to let folks know they can email me at drjoharchi@softheartpsychology.com within the next fewContinue reading “Connection: Free Support Group”

More Opinions That Hurt Trans People

So we’re back and I need to discuss more things that injure, isolate, and disconnect transgender and gender expansive people from the connection needed to live. I believe the whole way we have things set up where we ask folks to meet with a long list of docs before getting their medical needs met isContinue reading “More Opinions That Hurt Trans People”

Opinions That Hurt Trans Children

I’m skipping the general hellos this time because I’m livid and concerned. As a psychologist, a healing provider. I’m so concerned with an email I just got from Florida. I’m recently licensed in Florida and they sent providers a bull $hit email about abusing transgender children. I’m not surprised, I’m just deeply disheartened and disappointed.Continue reading “Opinions That Hurt Trans Children”