Your Nervous System Routine: Polyvagal Theory

If you grew up in a high strung environment, around chaos or didn’t get much attention you probably need to give your nervous system some tenderness. I really recommend folks get a nervous system routine. Daily check ins with one’s inner child and daily nervous system routines can help people in between sessions and canContinue reading “Your Nervous System Routine: Polyvagal Theory”

EMDR Dissociation & Grounding

Soft hearts, you may have read my article on zoning out, how to assess for it and what to do. I frequently send this article to patients getting started with EMDR so they can take the quiz to spot or notice their zone out or dissociation moments and then gain some tools to get theirContinue reading “EMDR Dissociation & Grounding”

Grounding for Dissociation

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, Everyone has some form of dissociation. People may range from zoning out or daydreaming to experiencing dissociative identity disorder. Folks may wonder why they’ve been feeling more absent minded or forgetful and it could be a number of reasons. I love to make sure their physical health is okay and beforeContinue reading “Grounding for Dissociation”