How to Transform from Toxic Positivity to Presence

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, I’m a reformed toxic positivity user or a transforming ex-Pollyanna. My dear friend once brought it to my attention that it was invalidating when I would highlight the positive when she was sharing what was going on for her. After years of trying to see the bright side I had toContinue reading “How to Transform from Toxic Positivity to Presence”

How to Validate Your Experiences

Dear Soft Hearted Loves, My dear sweet one, do you find yourself loving on others only to forget to validate yourself? Do you find yourself Pollyanna-ing and being super positive only to bypass your own feelings? Stuffing our feelings or engaging in toxic positivity may have once done the job. If these ways no longerContinue reading “How to Validate Your Experiences”

How to Divide the Chores

Dear soft hearted loves, Whether you’re a mother-son-grandchild trio, husband-husband romantic partnership, or any other type of relational dynamic the household duties are likely divided. If you’re feeling the weight of the household duties heavy on you keep reading because there is so much hope for this to change for you starting today. You’ll getContinue reading “How to Divide the Chores”

How to Love on Your Inner Defender

Dear Soft Hearted People, Maryam Fallahi is our international expert and life coach working on things such as  life planning, behavior change, habit formation, self sabotaging behavior, etc. She’s back as a guest blogger with a very skillful article on our inner defender. She utilizes a lot of this Internal Family Systems (IFS) stuff youContinue reading “How to Love on Your Inner Defender”

How to Find A Therapist Who Helps You Feel Safe

If you found your way to this article, then it is likely you are in search of a therapist for either you, your child, or your family. Finding a therapist can be challenging when you are not quite sure what to look for or what to expect from the interactions. Your search may be furtherContinue reading “How to Find A Therapist Who Helps You Feel Safe”

Accept, Empower and a Full Moon

Dear soft hearted loves, How can we accept an issue or suffering in our lives? Isn’t this just giving up? Acceptance of an area of suffering can then empower us to not pass that wound down to future generations or our own internal families. If you’re like “what’s she talking about with this internal familyContinue reading “Accept, Empower and a Full Moon”