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Some folks are understandably curious about what comes in their customized workbook when they sign up for an EMDR Premium Package to have adjunct EMDR therapy or to take a deep dive into a specific issue.  If you decide to sign up for one of these package options not only do you get a bunch of time focused on the exact thing you came in to address, plus a dream session and meditations, but you also get a workbook tailored to your needs.  This workbook has several assessments to get an idea of what your anxiety, depression or trauma links back to and what you lean on to support you.  The workbook includes an assessment to identify your level of dissociation and will help me help you when you zone out or seem to go somewhere else during our time together.  The workbook is a cornerstone of starting the process because it uncovers who you are, where you’ve been, and what tools you use most to help you regulate or come down from stressful stuff.  

The cool part is that you’ll be learning several more calming strategies to help you tend to parts of you that may come up in the time that we spend together reprocessing your old stuff.  Rather than let stuff stay stuck in one part of the brain through years of talk therapy you can address a part of what’s going on for you by actually moving it through your brain and body.  It doesn’t mean you forget what happened or it goes away.  Ideally and simply it means that you’ll be able to observe it or witness it with less charge.  Your customized workbook will also be there for you while your brain digests and reprocesses thoughts, worries and traumas.  Your workbook has space for dreams that may come up in between EMDR intensive sessions.  It also has plenty of advice in the workbook to help you prioritize your rest, sleep and to not use substances at session so you can get plenty of integration time and come to sessions in your best self state.  

Ideally the workbook is like a program for your life during our time together.  I’d also hope that folks can use resources in their workbook to help them moving forward.  If you plan to continue with your current therapist you may take assessments and uncoverings from the workbook to your primary therapist.  If you plan to pause on therapy or stop because you’ve addressed what you needed to in the intensive, you may find resources like meditations or codependency support useful in your next steps of healing. 

Take your time filling out your workbook, but please do get it back to me a week before our time together (five business days).  If you sign up for a Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 hour EMDR Premium Package you want to give yourself at least a week to practice some of the resources on a daily basis like meditations or deep breathing and you’d probably want to give me plenty of time to study your assessment answers, understand your dissociation patterns, and integrate what I see as your resources and goals.  As you prepare for our time together you can refer back to your tailored workbook at any time.  If you’d like to learn more about the EMDR Premium Package check out this video.  You can schedule you’re free consultation with me!  Or reach out here!  

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