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Soft hearts, our very last episode on Breaking The Couch is as it stands complete. We produced two seasons, more than 40 episodes. While my farewell with the podcast is a “forever goodbye” as Dr. Dowtin mentions in the episode, Dr. Dowtin may or may not go back to Breaking The Couch in the future.

There are so many types of goodbyes. Dr. Dowtin and I processed this goodbye with our beloved listeners from the beginning of season two. We intentionally let people know that while I loved contributing trauma recovery tidbits and support, I would no longer be joining as it stands once season two completed. This closing was processed and discussed, mainly transparently with you, our audience.

Thank you so much for joining if you did read our captions or join as listeners. You are what made our podcast special and we wanted to send a main theme that you’re not alone. Tune in for our last episode as the podcast stands today below and let Breaking The Couch know if you’d love to support them in coming back in the future.

So often we don’t get a chance to say farewell in an intentional way. Let us walk you through our time together with gentleness. Let’s be intentional and walk hand in hand as we close this chapter, truly leaving a collection of information out there and lots of doors to open in our next chapters. Thank you again for this opportunity.

Here are some of the amazing guests we want to thank for joining and contributing in such beautiful, impactful ways:

  1. Dr. Jesús Barreto Abrams – Okay so here we talked a lot about the worlds of therapists and interpreters and learned amazing recommendations on how to release the stress and vicarious trauma of the day.
  2. Dr. Margaret Li – We got an introduction to sex therapy for survivors of trauma and learned how you too can talk about sex with your therapist.
  3. Ms. Devaney Knight – We learned amazing relationship strategies and ways to show up for yourself and in love.
  4. Dr. Angelina Nortey – Dr. Nortey shared with us about institutional and racial traumas and share about connection as a Black millennial.
  5. Mr. Darius Fennell – We learned about anxiety and all things mental health recovery from Mr. Fennell in this fascinating episode.
  6. Marianela Rodousakis – Ms. Rodousakis gave us all the information about therapeutic nursery programs and healing generational trauma in the classroom (and outside of the classroom too!).
  7. Ms. Jila Behnad – This episode and Ms. Behnad’s experience and dedication to immigration trauma was so helpful and eye opening.

I hope you’ll see so much of what you need in the above episodes either for yourself or clients you serve.

Some special quotes that honored our work include:

Dr. Chona Green from Business on a Budget and The Green Garden said “I am so sad to say goodbye to Breaking the Couch podcast!  As a therapist, I found the stories and info so helpful!  From talking about trauma to relationships to how to show up in the room, there guys talked about everything!  My favorite episode was the one about what to say when your Auntie calls you fat over the holidays.  So relatable!!  Sad but happens like every time for some reason!  This was definitely a great podcast to listen to just for growth and inspiration and validation.”

Check out the above video for more beautiful quotes helping Dr. Dowtin and I say goodbye and close this chapter. We had kind quotes that thanked us for helping people learn what NOT to say to trauma survivors, people thanking us for going behind the scenes with therapy to demystify therapy and trauma recovery, and even a quote from a listener encouraging their friends to listen in too!

To learn more about goodbyes in therapy check out this article on Closing Out Your Therapy. So goodbye for now and wishing you the best on your trauma recovery journey. Please feel free to reach out to me should you want to work together in the future.

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