Therapy Freebies!

Person sitting in front of trees with their hands open on their knees and with their eyes closed. Picture by Oluremi Adebayo from

Dear Soft Hearts, I can’t wait to share these freebies with you so you can get all the free stuff I share with my therapy clients. While these can’t replace the healing of a therapeutic alliance, I’m still hoping it can give you some extra support for free. In general, you can always go here for free stuff from my website.

Here’s a bunch of my free meditations:

For your inner child with all the feels.

Workplace destress.

For your inner baby.

Inner child greeting for you this morning.

Here’s our free discussions with loads of trauma recovery tips:

Breaking The Couch Podcast.

These meditations and podcast episodes may give you a sense of ease and help you self soothe, but they may also give you a bunch of info on how therapy and your inner child is healing.

Whatever resources you decide to check out please know that you’re enough and you listening to your inner child is enough. Thanks for checking out this week’s therapy freebies and looking forward to meeting with you here next Wednesday!

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