How to Start Your Healing Practice

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Whether you’re thinking of coaching, psychological services like therapy, or some other type of healing business I have a great suggestion for you. I’ve been building my practice since before we knew of COVID-19 and now I’ve revamped my business a few times. I’ve had healer friends ask what tips I have in starting a business over the the last several years of building a foundation for my therapy business.

The number one thing I’d recommend is to value your work from the beginning by joining Business on a Budget. We learn several lessons from Dr. Chona Green’s teachings to help you figure out how to start your business without spending a bunch of money! I learned about setting a price that fits for me in working with Dr. Chona on my business. If I could suggest one thing it would be to get curious about your stories with money. I’d recommend you gently and deeply explore what you think about yourself, to value your time, your emotional labor and your energy. I’d love to win a bunch of money and provide free therapy for the world as I think health care. In the meantime, I suggest you find out what you need to live. You can use the calculation you’ve come up with for what you need to live along with your money stories to help you figure out your rates.

Since I started with Dr. Chona I went from the dry winter months as a therapist to being able to take a swim break just now. I’m literally drying off! I haven’t swam laps like that since high school. It felt amazing to jump into the pool and let the water float past my goggles. I get it, swimming may not be your thing. But you know what I mean. Being able to do what we love every once in a while shows up in our work. I’ll share concrete numbers with you so you can see what working with Dr. Chona means for my business. In one year of working with Dr. Chona I’ve increased my gross income by 33% in comparison to this time last year. I still have some work to do as I pivot to doing more EMDR intensives, but all in all I’m grateful I can go from increasing my debt every month while to having a business that pays for my day to day essentials. I can’t imagine what would happen if this growth continues.

If you’re one of my friends who would love to level up your business or who simply wants to branch out into a new area of your therapy business then please check out Dr. Chona’s Business on a Budget today! She has an amazing cohort of people joining her program and groups so consider splashing into your joy!

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