EMDR Costs

Soft hearts, thanks for sticking with a month of EMDR tips and info! I want to share with you a few ways you can access EMDR therapy and some costs you may expect.

Accessing EMDR Therapy

As far as accessing therapy you can go Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing International Association (EMDRIA) to find an EMDR therapist throughout the world.

You could go to to Open Path Collective to find a relatively affordable EMDR therapist and it may take some searching and lots of filtering and patience.

You may also be able to ask people who you know have gone to EMDR for their therapist’s name. “Word of mouth” or searching for a therapist based on what someone else says has been fruitful for them can give you direct info. You may still have to wait or deal with insurance reimbursement or access issues, but sometimes asking a friend what worked for them can lead you to a good fit therapist who will do EMDR therapy with you too.

What to Expect

Above is a video that will give you a little information about EMDR intensives. You can expect a focused series of sessions to help you unstick from what you’re feeling stuck with and to help free up blocks.

As far as prices go you can expect to pay any range of costs. You may have to pay a co-pay or you may be paying from your credit card/check/cash or what they call “out-of-pocket.” Here’s an article to explain ways to get therapy for relatively decent costs. In California and Florida (where I’m licensed) I see EMDR therapists charging anywhere from $125 to $600 per session, but this ranges a lot from state to state and country to country. These prices will also likely increase over the years. The cost of EMDR therapy can also depend on a number of other factors such as specialization of the EMDR therapist, etc. Basically, there’s not much to expect when it comes to price. What may be more helpful is figuring out what you can pay before you do your search.

Budgeting for therapy can help you decide before you even go to free consultations. If you know you have $120 a month for therapy you’re going to want to start with student clinics in your area, Open Path Collective, and if you have insurance you’ll want to see how much your co-pay is with them.

For example, if you have $1,000 per month allocated for therapy then you can search for EMDR therapy that’s about $250/session.

Last Chance at EMDR Adjunct Therapy Sale

Folks can get adjunct EMDR therapy with me for 70% off! Adjunct services mean I work with you and your therapist while we get you to your best self with less trauma triggers and intensity in your heart space. This type of therapy can accelerate your treatment and support your ongoing treatment or target a specific area more quickly than long periods of talk therapy. Here’s more about adjunct services.

I’m offering you a one-on-one virtual EMDR retreat with a one hour EMDR goal setting appointment where we focus on you and your dreams and six hours of EMDR therapy. Your EMDR retreat sale secures a premium weekend slot. You’ll also have a specialized EMDR workbook and guided meditation recording.

This seven hour EMDR retreat package is more than 70% off. Your sale price is $500 total (original price is $2,100). Please reach out today for your last chance at the getting your EMDR therapy at a sale price for new clients in January (2023 for new clients)! Connect here for a free consultation ❤

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