December Sale!

Hi folks, just a super quick note today to let you know about our DECEMBER SALE! I have a few EMDR slots available at a sale package price for new clients.

Your first session will be 50% off and your remaining seven sessions will be 20% off.

This is a great way to focus in on something you’ve been needing to address and welcome in a more expansive feeling of enoughness. You are innately worthy and always have been.

I’ve seen EMDR therapy help people with everything from simple one time traumas to some pretty complicated, complex, long-standing traumas. EMDR therapy has helped people with everything from the oldest sibling do-it-all and be perfect wound to the recovering from years of self-blame to welcome in forgiveness and understanding toward oneself. EMDR therapy is even used for athletic performance and things you wouldn’t think of initially! The video below explains just how helpful EMDR therapy has been for people and gives you and idea of how it fits you.

Reach out today so we can get you started before by the time December rolls around.

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