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Let’s talk more about getting some support on board. For some of us we’re in the middle of fall. I think getting more and more support on board during the changes of fall can be super helpful. One of the most annoying questions I often ask clients who feel like they’re doing too much and at the same time don’t have enough capacity to do the things they want to do is to concretely explore what they can cut out or add. Now this is annoying because once I extend compassion and understanding I also want to directly explore whether there’s anything on board that they could do without or anything they really want to add in and don’t know how to add.

For example, if a client told me they feel so tired after a work week, but feel they must see friend A, friend B AND friend C this weekend all while cooking and cleaning we might explore this in session. I’d see what they must do and what they can hold off on. For example, they might see with friend B and friend C they feel pretty drained. Or they may say they have the privilege of being in a partnership and could ask if their partner is available to clean while they cook over the weekend. They may feel stuck in committing to these social or household things. That’s okay too. It’s important to gently, non-forcefully explore what someone may want to make room for like a nap or unscheduled day or what they may want to cut out like the cleaning or three social hang outs in one weekend. If this example client is able to see what’s underneath them feeling they have to do it all (perhaps societal pressures, financial stress, or childhood trauma) that helps a lot too.

Perhaps the best protection for them now might be to go-go-go or do-do-do. Perhaps something that might be more helpful is to cut out on overly scheduled weekends and getting more sunlight or light lamps and vitamin D in during the fall. Perhaps what’s helpful for one person is not for another. It’s just important to look at what’s supportive for you right now.

Hey speaking of support I want to thank you! I’m now getting more and more readers on our little blog here and I’d love to know what you want out of this mental health blog. What would serve you? What topics do you want to see on our blog?

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