Therapy: Getting to the Point

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If you’ve done the work through years of therapy and supportive healing modalities and still feel there’s a sticky point or you just want to get to the point on an issue I hope you’ll consider that the weekly model of therapy doesn’t fit for everyone. For some, frequent 15 minute points of contact is more helpful and for others more intensive, deep dives into therapy can be helpful.

I’ve found great results from cutting down on time from the beginnings and endings of sessions by meeting for three hour chunks of very focused trauma healing in our Premium Packages. We cushion the time with lots of anchoring and self love before, during and after sessions. We also make sure folks are able to pinpoint or target just what they hope from and support them on getting closer to their goals and needs. I can’t speak highly enough of accommodating therapies to meet the person’s needs instead of just doing the same old 45-50 minute weekly sessions for all. One size shirt doesn’t fit all. One size therapy certainly doesn’t either!

Sign up in the next 2 weeks and get your EMDR Therapy Premium Package for 10% off! Connect today so we can get you set up for a free consultation to target what you need in a more focused way!

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