Therapeutic Journey

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I really wanted to share about my experience with meeting my inner family. People might be like “what’s that?!” While the inner family sounds weird to some, it has been healing to so many.

People have been accessing different parts of ourselves long before Dr. Richard Schwartz, a family therapist and eating disorder specialist, developed the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapeutic approach. People have understood that we have different parts of ourselves across cultures and time. For example, we may notice a part of us feels hurt by something a friend said and another part of us doesn’t want to have any feelings about it.

I often have parts of me that are linked to being the eldest sister. When “big sister” me comes out in certain contexts my loved ones may feel protected and cared for, but when this part of me comes out professionally then I’m no longer coming from my calmest therapist self.

I’ve dedicated much inner healing work or reparenting to this “big sister” part to learn where this part of me came from and what this part of me is all about. In IFS I worked to identify this “big sister” part in my body by noting where this part is in my body and how that energy feels in my body. I then thanked this “big sister” part for all she did and why she developed in the first place. I then took note of times my “big sister” part comes up and gave her the love she needs. This can be literally giving myself a hug, kind words (that feel fitting for me), or other kindness I might need.

I just couldn’t wait to share how exciting it is to notice and love on our inner children and what this inner work has meant for me. I get to support other peoples’ inner children and how they love on or reparent these parts of themselves. If this sounds like it fits for you I really encourage you to welcome your inner parts now.

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