Healing Sex: 4-Explore Messages

Photo by Arina Krasnikova on Pexels.com

In this final session I’d like us to gently explore messages we’ve learned from around sex, sexuality, and desire.

Take a moment to get comfy where you are. Feel yourself so supported in your space. Feel yourself even 10% more comfortable, 10% more supported. Take a few breaths from the bottom of your belly, hold at the top for a second, and exhale even longer than your breath in.

Now let’s explore where some of your messages around sex stuff came from and what you learned from these messages. Take a few moments exploring these questions via writing or through some other form of expression.

Please take a total of no more than five or ten minutes to gently and lightly explore this stuff. Should more be revealed later that’s cool, but for now let’s just take a baby step into exploring the past and how that shows up for you now.

  1. When was the first time you recall learning about sexual things?
  2. What were you told, if anything, from caregivers about sexual things?
  3. What were you told by society about sexual things?
  4. What were you made to believe about yourself in relation to sex?
  5. What do you carry with you from childhood about sex?
  6. What would you like to let go of that no longer serves you around sex?
  7. How do you want to show up sexually?

Now let us take five more of those slow, deep breaths we took at the beginning. Please take a moment to gentle breath in, hold at the top, and exhale more slowly than you breathed in. Hey. I’m SO PROUD OF YOU for exploring some of this stuff! Whatever the messages were, I’m just super proud of you for taking a few minutes to gently explore this stuff. Please take some time now to do whatever you do to anchor yourself in the abundance and safety of now.

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