Inner Champion Team

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Dear Soft Hearted Loves,

Some of us are still working on our inner critics. There are so many wounds and injuries that can cause us to protect these wounded parts of ourselves. Sometimes we develop a protective mechanism of behaving perfectly. While perfectionism may have helped us survive bullying or a critical environment, it may no longer serve us. As we address our inner critics and inner protective parts, we may have a saving grace growing inside us. This saving grace is our team of cheerleaders.

Earley and Weiss discuss how we can rally a team of people who are our champions (from the book Freedom From Your Inner Critic*). You can spend a few minutes doing this exercise as it can be truly healing. I did it with some light jazz on in the background, when no one was around and with some breathing and groundedness.

You can feel your feet on the floor acknowledging the land of the people who were here before us. You can take some breaths from the bottom of your tummy. You can imagine a timeline from now until you were little (or the reverse). You can imagine all those who were in your corner. Think of anyone and everyone who has been understanding, kind, compassionate, and supportive. You can even add people you’ve never met but who may be in unity with or proud of you (I used imagery to imagine Frida Kahlo as a part of my Inner Champion Team). Please take a moment to imagine your Inner Champion Team spanning all your years. You can also put these visuals into another form of art such as a vision board or in a song if that fits you better. Please feel free to share one surprising person on your Inner Champion Team if you’d like.

With kindness,

Dr. J

*I have no affiliation with this book.

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