Too Sensitive?

How to Embrace Your Sensitive Superpower and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed -  Tiny Buddha

Dear soft hearted loved ones,

You may have been called too sensitive or someone may have made fun of your sensitivity. You may have old stories around being “too sensitive” or wishing things didn’t impact you the way they do. If you’re deeply impacted by things or people, it’s okay.

It can also be helpful to look at the context. If someone is saying you’re too sensitive, too emotional, or judging your big feelings, perhaps it is their projection or wish to be so in tune with their emotions, or perhaps that’s simply their evaluation. If your inner critic is who is calling you too sensitive, let’s talk about that or check out one of the previous blogs on the seven inner critic types.

At one point in time being “too sensitive” or aligned with what was occurring was a survival or admired skill. For example, people who bleed monthly were so in tune with the Earth and moon that our calendars were 13 months long with 28 days each (28 days to reflect the blood cycle and 28 days to reflect the moon). We actually are sensitive to things like mercury being in retrograde right now or that coworker’s slights. That’s okay. In fact, I believe being sensitive can be our strength. Sensitivity to what is said and done can be productive and may simply mean the person is attuned to what is going on around them.

There’s even something called the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). You can learn more about HSP’s by taking an online quiz and checking out literature. Those of us who are HSPs are attuned to and impacted by stimulation. Being aware of our reactions to stimulation or knowing what our sensitivities are is how we can recharge our strength. Ignoring that we need rest, improved boundaries, or time to recharge is often the kryptonite to this superpower. So how can someone who has big feelings and who needs breaks to recharge get what they need?

It’s easier said than done, and we can start with tiny promises to ourselves. We can make commitments such as one hour of doing something we want to do, drinking water throughout the day, or giving away clothes that no longer fit us. Doing something small to love on ourselves gives those inner parts that feel unheard, exhausted, or tender some tender loving care. Let’s treat ourselves like we’d treat our best friend freezing on the doorstep. I’d hope we’d invite her in, care for her with warmth, and be compassionate. The next time you’re feeling tender or sensitive, it’s okay to invite yourself in like you would a dear friend.

If you feel particularly unhinged, less aligned than usual or even irritable, it’s okay to talk with a trusted professional/healer about that too. If you’re like many of us who have been accused of being overly emotional or having big feelings please know you’re not alone and that we can rock this strength rather than hide it away.

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With a soft heart,

Dr. J

4 thoughts on “Too Sensitive?

  1. I’ve been on both sides of this statement. Thank you for educating me. I really found the analogy of treating yourself like a friend in need. Thanks for the enlightening post.

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    1. Thanks so much for bringing up the great point of experiencing both parts of this and I have too. It’s great we can notice and observe. Thanks also for highlighting the treat yourself like a friend in need approach! Wishing you joyful moments on this Saturday.

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  2. I have reflected so much on this topic for the last year. I have always felt sensitive despite what I show to others. I believe I placed shame with that feeling, as if sensitivity was a weakness. I now believe it is a strength and love your writing on this sweet topic. Thank you Dr. J

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    1. I love how you bring up the shame that arises with feeling sensitive and showing something else to others. These are so understandable on familial, social, gendering, and various other realms. Grateful you were vulnerable in sharing your journey on sensitivity.


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